The Story of Iowa STEM

In my eSTEMationgreatness STEMs from Iowa.
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning begins with students at the center of the education process. STEM looks at real solutions to the world’s greatest engineering challenges, and invites Iowa citizens to become a part of the global conversation. From kindergarten classrooms to STEM  business professionals, STEM builds partnerships and encourages creative, collaborative, authentic work. The state of Iowa has made a substantial investment in STEM as an essential component of the world-class education envisioned for Iowa’s future. 

With legislative support, the state STEM Advisory Council has identified six regional Hubs to serve as conduits for high-quality STEM programming, professional development and networking.
Iowa Lakes Community College is proud to serve as the Hub for Northwest Iowa. In our region, a growing interest in STEM is emerging among many stakeholder groups. School districts see STEM as a way to create student-centered, rigorous learning experiences to prepare a STEM-literate citizenry. Potential employers recognize STEM skills as essential for Iowa’s future workforce. Community partners are establishing meaningful connections to bring STEM to life for Iowa’s kids.
In my eSTEMation, the state STEM Initiative is making a difference in Iowa's classrooms and communities.

Lt Governor Reynolds connects with a future engineer!
Lt Governor Reynolds and University of Northern Iowa President Ben Allen meet students at Iowa Lakes Community College.  STEM engages and empowers students to share their learning journeys in authentic settings.

Grant Time!
Hundreds of Northwest Iowa educators applied for mini-grants to implement research-based, high quality STEM programs in their schools and community organizations.  These educators lead the way for Northwest Iowa, gaining professional expertise in the STEM teaching and learning.

A World In Motion Professional Development
The story of STEM in Northwest Iowa begins with teachers.  Professional Development , training on kits and curriculum makes the difference for educators  and their students.   One of the best parts of Iowa STEM is the networking, the collaboration and the co-working that happen during STEM professional development trainings.
FREE Training with Pat Higby, UNI
Educators in both "formal" (PK-12) and "non-formal" (clubs, after-school programs, etc)  settings can participate in the Iowa STEM Scale Up programs.  
STEM loves robots.
FIRST LEGO League, Hyperstream and FIRST Tech Challenge
draw enthusiastic crowds in Northwest Iowa!

Ultimately, Iowa STEM is about the kids.  Kids are at the center of every decision, and kids are the reason we do what we do. From LEGO competitions to agriscience learning, kids drive programming decisions and give LIFE to Northwest Iowa STEM.
KidWind is one of Northwest Iowa's favorite STEM programs.
KidWind brings real world relevance to STEM classrooms.  Northwest Iowa is home to the most densely development wind-farms in the nation.  Our kids need to understand the STEM behind the Power of Air!
STEM Festivals provide "hands-on-STEM"
 learning experiences for kids of all ages.
One of the most engaging of Iowa STEM programs is the development of student-centered STEM Festivals.
Never underestimate the power of PLAY
 to engage learners of all ages.
STEM relies on the Engineering Design Process--and educators need to have the freedom to explore STEM in classrooms that might get messy, creative, loud and multi-directional.  STEM learning is real, relevant and engaging.