Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Science is about Finding New Questions

A front-page headline in the USA Today newspaper makes me think that there is a growing interest in the questions being asked at the Sanford Lab Underground Research Facility.
What is dark matter/energy?  How does the neutrino fit into our understanding of matter and anti-matter? What more can we know about the origins of our universe?

We need more people to ask more questions.  Science isn't about memorizing facts or settling for answers long since typed into a dusty textbook.  Science is about pursuing a deeper understanding of the physical universe--and then using that deeper understanding to ask more (and more) questions.

Science isn't the only way that humans probe the deep mysteries of our universe---but, it's one of them.  We reach out to understand that which we cannot directly see, hear or touch and we find answers that lead to more questions.  And, we call that good.