Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Do you Want to Code a Program?

Principal John Beeck puts it like this:  "First of all, we want to teach the kids basic programming skills.  Then, we'll use that basic understanding of programming to enhance student's understanding of the existing curriculum--of reading, math, social studies and science."  Loess Hills Elementary School is a neighborhood school with a specialty emphasis---everyone codes!  When I was first introduced to the idea of an elementary computer programming specialty school, I wasn't so sure.  I wondered if coding was a broad enough platform to build and sustain a specialty focus.  Would kids (and teachers) lose interest in the coding software available to elementary aged kids?  Could the coding skills really be leveraged across multiple content areas to deepen student's engagement with the core content?

After two years of implementation, teachers and kids at Loess Hills would answer with a resounding "YES!"-- and then, they might break into a Frozen tune:  "Do you want to code a program?"  What does coding bring to a classroom?
Don't take my word for it:  see for yourself!