Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December and the First Year

I wonder how many of us can remember the moment, during our first year of teaching, when the honeymoon phase was over?  The graph below is referenced in a great article, "Phases of First-Year Teaching".

2011, New Teacher Center
Author Ellen Moir offers some great insights as to the possible reasons for December Disillusionment.  Those of us who have experienced a few weary Decembers might be able to conjure up an explanation or two as well! 

Today, the Consulting Teachers met together to create some words of encouragement for the district's 107 new staff members.  We focused our reflections on the joy of career and calling, service and meaning. 

As we worked to create words of encouragement for new teachers, I realized that the new Consulting Teachers in our district work tirelessly to encourage all teachers--daily! We may not move the needle on student achievement with a mid-winter greeting card.  But, I hope we can move toward rejuvenation and revitalization as we reflect together on the great profession of teaching.