Monday, November 3, 2014

The First Ninety Days of TLC

Ninety days ago, the new teacher leaders in Sioux City met together for the first time:  new leaders in new roles with new schedules and new goals.  Ninety days.
There is a prevailing wisdom that the success or failure of a new leader may rest in the accomplishments of the first ninety days---or, if you are an American president, the first hundred.  

What have our new teacher leaders accomplished in ninety days?  Let me count the ways:
  •!  Our new Instruction “Help Desk” and resource center is now LIVE, with over one hundred essential curriculum resources for SCCSD classroom teachers and over 450 new “tickets” (teacher inquiries) answered.  More added daily!
  • Boots on the Ground.  Job-embedded instructional coaching doesn’t happen from behind a computer.  Consulting teachers log hundreds of interactions with teachers each week, from modeling new strategies to brainstorming classroom management techniques. 
  • Curriculum work uncorked!  Teams of teachers across the district work alongside teacher leaders to refine standards and build powerful common assessments, supporting student achievement with standards-referenced teaching and learning.
  • Got PLC?  Check!  Forty consulting teachers invest deeply in grade-level or content-alike teams every day across the district, working shoulder to shoulder with classroom teachers to drive instruction for student learning.
  • More than a Monday,  building level professional development is instructionally focused as classroom teachers and consulting teachers work with their administrators to use assessment data to monitor student progress toward learning targets.
A lot can happen in 90 days.