Friday, December 13, 2013

Greatness STEMs from Iowans

Greatness STEMs from Iowans.  I like that. 

I like the fact that Iowa’s new STEM message is focused on the only essential reagent in Iowa’s STEM equation:  the human element.  Greatness STEMs from Iowans.  Greatness does not STEM from programs and policies.  Greatness STEMs from Iowans, who invigorate programs into passions, and policies into practice. 

Greatness STEMs from Iowans, the front-runners within the formal and non-formal sectors of Iowa’s educational landscape. Almost overnight, a statewide roster of “Who’s Who” in STEM education is being built.  These Iowa educators are shaping a functional definition of “what STEM is” and “how STEM works”. Iowa educators are beginning to understand that STEM is strongly anchored within the broader context of educational reform.  Educators are leveraging STEM to promote active, student-centered classrooms, characterized by personalized experiential learning.

Greatness STEMs from Iowans, the visionary leaders in business and industry who are working to build strong partnerships with local educators.  The private sector sees STEM as anchored in practices of global citizenry that shape the decisions of the next generation related to both career choice and civic life, for a thriving Iowa future.

Greatness STEMs from Iowans.  I like that.