Monday, July 8, 2013

Le Tour de STEM

In my eSTEMation, Le Tour de STEM in Iowa is just as much a team sport as Le Tour de France.  In its 100th year, Tour de France is a bike race that covers thousands of kilometers of European landscape, peppered with brutal mountain passes and daring descents. Twenty-one grueling stages test the endurance of every rider individually, but cannot be won alone.

Le Tour de STEM has specialized team members in its peloton as well:

Climbers:  these guys are strong.  They have a million miles in their legs, and they will not give up on even the steepest of grades.  The members of the STEM Advisory Council have invested heavily in the success of the Initiative, and they inspire us all to keep climbing, higher and higher

Sprinters:  the fastest to the line.  Our Scale Up programs can accelerate as if they are rocket powered.  The summer sprint to deliver the 2013-2014 Scale Up programs has broken all records.

Domestique:  French term for “servant” of the team.  The Regional Manager at each Hub rides to re-fill water bottles, replenish supplies and do road-side repair with a single goal:  keep Iowa STEM rolling.

Lead Out: pulling other riders to the front of the race.  Lt. Governor Reynolds, new co-chair Mary Andringa and Executive Director Jeff Weld lead out, helping the whole peloton to reach the finish line strong for the win.  

In my eSTEMation, the Iowa STEM Initiative wins the yellow jersey.  We are cycling strong:  covering miles, climbing mountains, sprinting for the line and most importantly, staying together as a team.