Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Growing is Good.

In my eSTEMation, we have reached a "turning point" in Iowa STEM because of one single, undeniable and beautiful fact:  we are growing.

Growing is good.  It means more programs, more funding, more challenges, and-most importantly-more people!  The excitement surrounding the Governor's STEM initiative in Northwest Iowa has resulted in a wave of iExplore STEM festivals, challenge events, teacher professional development opportunities and kids in classrooms, dreaming of becoming engineers.

Growing is good.  It requires us to navigate complex issues together, transitioning through the Greiner Curve and surviving the "crisis points" as an organization.  This is important work, and it must not fail.   The growth of the Governor's STEM Initiative relies on coordination, collaboration and even extra-organizational solutions as we partner across the state and the nation. 

Growing is good.  The STEM seeds planted by early Iowa workers are now sprouting.  STEM is ready to branch out and blossom...

      ...and in my eSTEMation, that will be good.